Course Open

At a meeting in Balmoral G.C. on November 13th, 2018 the Northern Ireland Club Managers Association(NIGCMA), the Golf Club Mangers Association(GCMA) and the Irish Golf & Club Managers Association(IGCMA) all entered into a mutually beneficial membership arrangement whereby the NIGCMA members will share associate membership with both the GCMA & IGCMA while IGCMA members will have associate membership of the GCMA, giving Irish Managers access to the GCMA library and website resources.

Furthermore, IGCMA members are also existing affiliate members of the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) with full access to their excellent Management Development Education Program (MDP). Speaking afterwards, IGCMA President Michael Moss MBE, said that he was very happy to see such developments in club management occurring now, and excited about the opportunities this new arrangement offers to the professional club managers working in the industry today. The IGCMA recently celebrated 50 years as an association and in his 39 years as a club manager at Portstewart, he saw this new development as a great step forward for the association.

The arrangement comes into force from January 1st 2019. The IGCMA welcomes professional club managers from any sports facility to join them and partake in their education programs. Annual Subscription is €300. For more information please email