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A structured education programme for European Club Managers

The CMAE’s Management Development Programme (MDP) described in the brochure below, is the result of over 10 years of work by a dedicated group of club managers, educationalist and leading industry figures worldwide, to whom the CMAE and the club industry owe a debt of gratitude.

They are listed in the acknowledgements section at the back of the brochure. The CMAE MDP is a series of courses and learning opportunities designed not only for those working as club general managers, club secretaries and in other senior positions at sports, city and business clubs today, but also for those who aspire to these roles in the future. Whether you are a student leaving university seeking a career in club management, or an established business manager seeking a new challenge in the club industry, the CMAE Management Development Programme is for you.

MDP Brochure 2020