Course Open

First of all, many thanks to you and the association for affording me the opportunity to attend the European Conference 2020, I found it inspiring to say the least.


On day 1, I particularly enjoyed Martin Slumbers presentation form the R&A and to see the data they have collected and the strategies they are currently putting in place especially their Eco drive for 2030. He presented extremely well and articulately. I also spoke to Mark Lynch on “Gatherly” regarding developments and sessions we would be attending.

On day 2, we met Andre Van Hall who discussed Change Management. I was certainly not expecting the presentation that we got and his presentation was inspirational and resonated with attendees that while Covid has created a stressful environment, life challenges and how you cope and develop as a person is possible. He brought us into his own life and life changes. This persons story is the most heart felt, personal life story and inspirational message I have ever witness (please do not send this out) but it will invoke change in me as a person from his presentation. I attended Anraldo Cocuzzo’s desire and persistence course and he is a very determined and likeable individual who presented very professionally also. Then we met Vincent Phipps who brought an upbeat but focused presentation on 6 steps to improve communication.

At the end of the evening, I used “Fatherly” and met a number of colleagues in the US and in Europe who were very supportive. It was light hearted and informative.

On day 3, I joined a presentation hosted by Darshan Singh on Six Sigma and the lean process workbook. We were split into work groups. Once again I got to work with European colleagues in the UK and Poland and got an insight into owner led work plans and management agency led business approach to solving problems. We had a super presentation from Ed Edwards the COO of Saudi Golf (I think that is his title from my notes). The project and education programme being developed and rolled out is world class, no expense spared.

I was very impressed to see how the CMAE adopted new technology – Zoom, Gatherly and a superb app to keep over 150+ delegates up to date and informed. I would use my annual leave next time and personally pay for it if need be in order to join a similar conference in the future.