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Golfsure and the IGCMA
Our recent association with Golfsure has some very positive benefits for our members,
Automatic HR support for all Golfsure Clients. Any manager with a HR issue can contact David Bell, through the broker or direct and receive confidential advice regarding any issue he or she has. This is not communicated to the insurer.
Golfsure also have an excellent Risk assessment service which is invaluable to the club and may be assessed any time. There is no charge and the resultant report could well save you money.

Make sure you look at the main factors which drive up your policy- amount of Business. Bar sales, Subs etc. If your business has dropped in recent years, make sure you’ve altered the policy accordingly. Lower business cover results in lower premiums.
If more than one supplier is pitching for the business, make sure you give Golfsure the final quote. Your IGCMA membership may just give you the edge.

We will be running more information seminars on Risk management, HR Support and General insurance in association with Golfsure come September onwards.

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