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History Of The Association


Our 50th anniversary.


Back on the 19th of March 1968, the then Secretary Manager of Woodbrook G.C., Lieut Commandant F.G.(Gerry) Bambrick along with a few  other like minded individuals, formed the Irish Association of Golf Club Secretaries(IAGCS). This was the first such association dedicated to the needs of professional Secretary Managers in Ireland. The inaugural board consisted of Gerry Bambrick, P.J.Stewart,( Milltown G.C.), W.J.Keane, (Foxrock G.C.), R.H.Buck,( Portmarnock G.C) and Miss Mary O’Brien (Elm Park G.C.)  Mr J.A Irwin, fromPicture Shandon Park, joined the Association in October 1968 as the Northern  Irish representative. Early discussions centred on “Bulk Buying”, a Voluntary health Scheme and to be established as benevolent Trust & Friendly Society. The Secretary Bird” was adopted as the association’s motif. It was further decided at a subsequent meeting to hold a “Get Together” for all those involved  in club management, at Milltown G.C. on October 4th 1968. F.G Bambrick would present a prize for the Golf Outing and Dinner would cost the princely sum of £1.00. Thus our association was born.  The IAGCS went on to merge with CMAE (Irish Region) in 2011 to form the IGCMA


To celebrate our 50 years as an Association, we will be hosting our President’s Prize(Michael Moss MBE) at Woodbrook G.C on Monday August 27th, sponsored by Premium Credit  and on October 4th 2018, there will be 50th “Get Together”  Celebration Dinner in the spirit of 1968, at Milltown G.C.   Please put both dates and reminders in your diary now.